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After partnering with the clinic, Brainbroker increases number of qualified leads for fertility treatments by 119%.


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Increase In Conversion Rate

Their Story

A Private Fertility Clinic In The Heart Of London
The client runs a private clinic in central London and they offer a wide range of fertility treatments to both individuals and couples. They have high success rates across all their treatment types and have made a concerted effort across multiple channels to increase the number of inbound patient leads for each one. Google paid search is a core element of their overall lead generation strategy.

Their Goal

The client was looking to generate better results from their Google Ads campaigns than their previous agency was able to manage. Their core focus was to generate more IVF, IUI, ICSI and Egg Freezing leads and so they turned to us to restructure and refocus their Google Ads account. They were also seeking a much higher conversion rate and a better cost per lead, to maximise returns from their monthly ad spend through Google.

The Solution

1) We stripped down the previous agency’s campaign structure, identifying the best performing keywords and then supplementing them with our own additional keyword research. We built these keywords into our own granular campaign structure in which we use the Broad Match Modified keyword match type to prospect for high converting search terms which we can then feed back into our campaigns.

2) Over the period of several months we both rebuilt their website and created new custom landing pages for each of their treatment types. Custom landing pages are highly effective because they condense all the information a potential patient would want to know into one place and makes It extremely easy for them submit their personal details for a future consultation.

3) We consistently refined the campaigns through AB testing across all ad copy, negative keywording across all search terms and improved our campaign targeting as we gathered larger and larger amounts of user data. Over the last 4 months we have increased the campaign conversion rate from 2.8% to 7.3% and have lowered the overall cost per lead by a further £17.

Products Used

Google Search Network

✓   Expanded Text Ads

✓   Responsive Search Ads

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