The client

The Client offers global internships to current and graduating students from around the world. From London to Mumbai and Singapore to Bangalore, they offer fully catered for internships in a variety of business sectors.

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The Solution

In consultation with the client, we built out an extensive AdWords campaign that focused on global internships in general, as well as specific business sectors. The campaign targeted states with reputable and wealthy colleges, with the aim of capturing those students who had the means to afford the programmes.

The Result

Within the first month, we had the Client ranking in the top position for the majority of keywords, despite stiff competition. In month two we began running a remarketing campaign on both the search and display networks, to re-engage students who had visited the site, but were yet to commit. In month three, we had an overall Click Through Rate of 5% and had acquired enough leads for a 2,5 times Return On Investment based on overall revenue.

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