There’s a paradox in today’s tech and digital world. Startups are creating the new services that will disrupt new industries and enterprises are starting to hoover them up and invest heavily in new tech to disrupt themselves before the Startups do.

The Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) meanwhile are being left behind. The paradox is that SMEs need more advice, not less on tech and digital but have less resources available to get advice and invest in tech.

  • Consultancies – Too Expensive
  • Agencies – Expensive
  • Recruitment – Do you know what you are doing?

This is a major problem as the article linked here demonstrates. SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy. Of the 5,000,000 million companies in the UK, 4,760,000 are SMEs. Can we afford for this tranche of the economy to go unserved?

SMEs need advice on what digital skills and digital assets they should develop. They need this advice free and they need to be pointed to the most reliable, affordable solutions subsequently.

Good news is – That’s what we do. No nonsense tech and digital advice for free with a network of pre-screened independent service providers across Europe that can fit any budget and get this SME up-skilling show on the road.

DM me for details and take a read of the article.

But finding and implementing the right technological solutions can be challenging, and smaller firms can be reticent to seize the opportunities. Lloyds Bank’s latest UK Business Digital Index found that 75 per cent of SMEs are not investing in improving their digital skills, and this digital “blind spot” could cost businesses dear.

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